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Anti Mold Stickers

Mold prevention using Anti Mold Stickers is a conservation activity that is performed from deterioration caused by mold growth. Mold prevention consists of different methods, such as chemical treatments, careful environmental control, and manual cleaning or using Anti Mold Stickers. Preservationists use one or a combination of these methods to combat mold spores in library collections.

Due to its resilient nature, mold prevention has become an important activity Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the air. It becomes active after being in a dormant state and responds to fluctuating temperature, air flow, and humidity within the surrounding environment. Moisture in the atmosphere contributes to irreparable damage caused by mold growth.

Bio-Pak Anti Mold stickers are a safe and effective method for preventing mold and are designed for many box packed items particularly footwear. Bio-Pak Anti Mold stickers are delivered in vacuumized barrier foil pouches and are easy to use with one or more Anti Mold stickers placed in the individual box at time of final packing. Bio-Pak Anti Mold stickers are activated by moisture. Bio-Pak Anti Mold stickers are not like other stickers which get activated as soon as they are manufactured. When the relative humidity reaches a pre-set level the stickers will create and release an atmosphere within the box to actively eliminate mold spores. As Bio-Pak Anti Mold stickers will not start to work until the humidity has reached a certain level you are assured that your product will be protected when needed. Bio-Pak Anti-Mold Sticker is made of many kinds of natural plant essence, extracted by way of biotechnology and unique fermentation technology as well as the special formula. We at Akshay Incorporation a manufacturer of Bio-Pak provide best quality of sticker. We have been working in this with for several years. We provide our customer satisfaction and it is our top priority at sensible prices. Then modulation from various natural plant essential oil. This product is applied to food grade, save and green initiative, heavy metal free, DMF free. Can be applied on the Package of Shoes, Handbag, Food, Medicinal, Materials, Leather, Textile, Furniture, Toy, Electron, etc.

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