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First Step: They primarily decompose micro-organisms in a prompt way, place anti mold sticker in the shoe boxes and it can eliminate the bacterial and immediately.

Second Step: Slowly release potent anti-mold factors to inhibit mold growth. Preserving the product for 3-6 months during shipment and store


Experiment 1: Leather Shoes

1. Experiment: July 01, 2012.

2. Pictured: July 17, 2012.

3. This pairs of leather shoes was enclosed in 2 separate plastic jars.

(A) Jar had the shoes with our Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker.

(B) Jar had the shoe without Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker.

4. After 14 days, as shown, the sample shoe:

(A) Shoes kept with our Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker, were still clean.

(B) without Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker, was completely moldy.

Experiment 2: Steamed Bread

1. Experiment: July 2, 2012

2. Pictured: July 25, 2012

3. Two samples, taken from freshly steamed bread, were enclosed in 2 separate plastic jars.

4. One bottle is used Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker, another one is not.

5. After 48 days as shown in the picture, the sample.

(A) Bread steamed bread with our Bio-Pak anti-mold sticker was still clean and white, but the sample.

(B) Without Bio-Pak Anti-mold sticker had grown mold.


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